Safety expertise

Safety advice, safety management systems documentation, safety culture workshops, safety performance indicators, safety reporting is at the core of our business. Whether you need training or consulting, we can provide safety value to your team. 

Safety training

We offer various trainings for all functional levels within an organization: from senior management and supervisors, to operational personnel. Every training is customizable and suitable for all industries. 

News & Blog

Blog December 2019: "10 Questions about safety culture on the work-floor"

There is much written about safety culture and there are also various assessment tools available. All this can be used... 

Training solutions

All training solutions are bespoke and customizable to your organization's need. Find out some solutions that might suit your organization's need. 


Human Performance was established in 2015. Find out more about us.


Click here for a collection of safety documentation which is freely available for everyone.

Safety Culture 

Much research has been done into the safety behavior and safety attitude aspects of safety culture. How can organizational processes and strategies help to shape the individual-level attitudes and behaviors?

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